Saturday, December 19, 2015

New kitty and books

So today our new kitty made his way outside, we adopted him two weeks ago and the deal was house arrest for two weeks so he would aclimatise. Today he went out, and in, and out and in, and out and in. He knows how to use a cat door and to come home. When we adopted him he came with the name Nova, from Casanova the suburb he was found in, but Bear didn't feel right having a Cat named Nova, so today asked that we call him Frank.

Frank is young, about five years old, and still likes to play, and climb into any possible cave like place. This is Frank exploring the market trolley.

And it's December, I've finished work, and have time for other things, like making books, and gardening.

Today I finished off three knit books (Star Wars, dot print, and nautical map), and three dot grid books (red with flowers, green marble). There are two more books in the press - and six more to make covers for.

There might even be Christmas knitting being done.

Na Stella


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