Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Bear works with people of child bearing age, and asked I would|could provide a baby bootie or two as gifts for some babies expected by those he works with. I'm happy to do this, baby stuff is small, fast to make and so so cute. Bear felt a blanket or cardigan was way to much to gift - so I compromised on a hat and matching booties, the booties will be my own Hodge, the hat took some looking on Ravelry for a contemporary design that was gender neutral. Heirloom hats for newborns from Purl Soho seems just right for this gift, I like that newbies are traditionally provided with hand knits.

A quick fossick amongst my sock yarn left overs provided a possum alpaca merino bone coloured yarn and a bright 'outside green' yarn. One of the things I loved about this pattern was the fine stripes - but those stripes also provide some issues, namely the jog or transition from one colour to another.

A quick search of jogless stripes for kniting provided several solutions beyond the one I had used before, namely knit into the stitch below for the first stitch of the colour change in a round. That transition causes distortion along the line of the beginning and ending - so I was keen to try other suggestions, I went for the moving jogless stripes as provided by tech knitter. The result is - as you see hardly invisable - but I think that is a result of the two row stripes as much as anything.


In other knitting projects - my Enchanted Mesa begins to straighten up. I'm now working the short rows in garter that level up the body, and looking forward to finishing the body. That will only leave the sleeves - so should be well done by cooler weather here. Maybe even by Unwind 2015 - where a group KAL photo is planned(or so I hear ).

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