Monday, December 22, 2014

Not for Christmas

When a knitter is knitting close to Christmas - people assume what they are knitting is a gift and must be done for Christmas. I am a knitter, and I'm knitting before Christmas - and not its not a Christmas present. I do want it done, so I can cast on something new for nw year.


I'm making good progress on bears sweater, but it won't be done on Christmas, although I might knit on it for Christmas. I've worked almost all of the first sleeve, picked up the finished shoulder saddle. And the underarm gusset, and added stitches to the front and back armscye.


Once I had the saddles done, I worked the neckline. Often patterns have you do this last but I think the neckline band stabilizes the opening and so when I knit the sleeves I can see where they will sit. If I worked the neckband last - I might find the sleeves pulled up a little and nearly too short.


When I say nearly done on the sleeve, the ribbing cuff is half done. Today I should start the other sleeve. And it may be done Boxing Day. Then again it may not,


There are other projects afoot, this is half a warp for eight cotton linen tea towels. I'm further ahead than the photo suggests - both warps are done and have been wound on the loom. There it is paused as I work out how to add more heddles. A small. It important step that I hoped question posted to Ravelry and my visiting dad can sort.


For now it is make some sort of impact on the weeds in the garden, make pastry for Christmas mince tarts and various other things that need to be done for Christmas,

Take care, hope the upcoming festivities bring calm and relaxation despite all the turmoil that seems to go with the season.



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