Saturday, November 22, 2014

Divide and conquer

Today I was at a conference, ASCILITE 2014, which ends Thursday, four days! I really should read the instructions before signing up - four days of hundreds of people, of making contact and talking, and being intelligent. I love the intellectual stimulation, and the chance to be exposed to new ideas and clever explanations - and I love the chance to connect with people who know about and are interested and ready to talk about the things I want to talk about and explore. What I don't find as much fun are people wanting to network, the sheer number of people to talk to and work with. Anyway at one of the workshops the presenter made a comment that the description on his slide was described as masculine - "divide and conquer".

That surprised me - I've always thought that the best parents, especially mums, used the divide and conquer technique, separate the kids who were causing drama - and give them specific tasks. And I've always thought knitting was a great example, garments are created by working on smaller sections and areas. For my current knitktngm I've worked on the hem as two sections, joined them and then workd on the body until it reaches the underarms. Now I've split the body and am continuing to work on the front, each section requires me to focu on just that section.

It's how a knitter can go from a few balls of yarn to a fully finished garment - without going mad, the project happens one section at a time, divide and conquer.

Nothing masculine about it. It's just common sense.



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