Friday, February 14, 2014

All grey all the time, except when it is blue

Yes there has been knitting, progress even. My feather weight is more done than not, I have progressed far enough on the baby blanket that I need to spin more yarn - and I even have started a sock.

The exciting new project first, a sock, in blue. I wanted something textured for this yarn, Chance, by Vintage Purls, the sock is Gladys by General Hogbuffer, which is a fantastic name for a sock author. The Gladys comes from the gansey patterning documented by Gladys Thompson in her book Patterns for guernseys, jerseys and arans. The yarn is one of the most even blues I have seen come from the house of Vintage Purls, usually there is more variation, subtle shade changes ... I am not complaining as this is perfect for gansey patterning.

The cardigan grows to ...look - a sleeve!

Not only that but the second sleeve, knitting these is not fun, usually sleeves progress fast, but not here. Past experience has taught me that knitting lace weight on circs can result in ladders ... So I switched to dpns, and the ends keep getting caught in the already knitted fabric. Not enough to pull or damage but enough to slow me down. The body looks smoother as I have steam blocked it, the sleeve much more textured.

Before working the sleeves I completed the neck and front band - all 3.5" of it. I used the same sized needles as the body as I wasn't going for any kind of pull in, this design needs drape.

And the baby blanket grows, round and round, larger and larger, I've just about knit to the end of the second skein, so have wound up the third skein all ready.

Which means I probably need to spend the next few weeks spinning more. I've no idea specifically how large I want this to be, but I know I want large enough to cover a toddler in a buggy, on a cold winter day. That means at least the same amount of yarn again. Another three skeins.

Take care, Stella


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Terry said...

How long have you been spinning?