Saturday, March 02, 2013


Hello, sorry for the absence, it has been what I can only describe as bumpy around here. Two weeks ago we had one of those weeks where everyone in the house took turns with a heavy sniffly cough and chesty cold. First wee-cub, then Bear, then elder cub. At one point all three were at home miserable whist I was at work getting ready for the first week of classes. I knew the drill, either I would get the cold or I would not - lots of hand washing and keeping my distance - but deep down I knew the cold was inevitable at some level. Sure enough last Monday I had a cold - while those around me were all much much better.
Little did i know the cold was just the beginnings of the week happenings. I was off work Monday & Tuesday, and back to work Wednesday. Not fully functioning but knowing that the longer I was off the more difficult making up for missing first classes would be for both me, other staff and the students. Bear dropped a bombshell on me Tuesday night, he said there was a company wide compulsory meeting at 10am Wednesday, the General Manager was flying in to head the Dunedin meeting, and the other branches would be online for a live streaming of the meeting. I guess someone dropped the bombshell on him Tuesday. Wednesday afternoon I learned that the company was planning to walk away from several of its interest areas, result was some branches closing, others having staff numbers heavily reduced. Bear has a job - for now, but 21 of the 31 at his work do not. Wednesday night was quite but little cub went on and on about how Yo-yo's face was rounder until we paid some attention. She was right, so Wednesday night we added one emergency trip to the vet, and we now have a cat with several infected injuries on her head, necessitating vet visits every two days for treatment. The poor thing has a reverse mohawk hair cut, so no photos until she looks like her usual fuzzy self. She is a rather gentle cat with people but a proud matriarch about her territory - woe betide any cat (or small dog) who dares to cross her path. Trouble is - at fifteen or sixteen years old I suspect Yoyo is not as able to defend her position as she thinks she is.
At breakfast Thursday elder cub complained of a sore wrist, he had fallen the day before. It was a little swollen so Bear decided he would be the parent and after dropping younger cub and I off at school and work respectively, took elder cub to the urgent doctors clinic. Here in dunedin A&E is reserved for life threatening injuries or events. So far the jury is out on if it is a tiny fracture or a strain. Apparently the injury acts like a break - when pushed a certain way elder cub yelps the right way, but no one can see any damage on the x-ray - so like the cat he is on a two day cycle of trips to the clinic until they are sure it is healing ok and doesn't need plaster.
Amidst all that my cold faded to an occasional cough and I managed to finish my merino possum merino silk cardigan - all done, blocked with buttons (not pictured) and ready to wear. The contiguous shaping was so much fun, and fits well - there will be another quite soon. Sans buttons this weighs 175g and feels like it will be super warm. I've also got 99.9% of the prep done for my unwind classes this weekend.
So now it is Sunday, and Yoyo is due at the vet in an hour, elder cub is packed for school camp - wrist brace, painkillers, a large bag with three days of teen boy snacks and a wetsuit. Something in that sentence doesn't quite make sense but he is keen to go. My head is clearer ... and I'm absolutely positive the next week has to have less in it, how could it have more? The only thing I am thinking of wishing for is a slight turn from the super warm weather we are having so I can wear my new cardigan.
How was your week?
Na Stella

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