Saturday, February 02, 2013

Not knitting, but pinking

Here in New Zealand many schools have uniforms, selected clothing that must be worn by pupils. Somehow the little cubs have ended up at a slightly different kind of school, one that combines primary and intermediate schooling. Primary schools are split, with about half requiring a uniform, and half not. The cubs schools has no uniform, even when the pupils are officially in intermediate classes where they would usually wear a uniform.
Why am I telling you this? Well school uniforms comes with requirements, to wear them neatly, and properly. Shirts tucked in, socks pulled up. The requirements usually extend to jewelery, and hair and body adornment restrictions. Eldest cub is uber conservative, and is comfortable with his new uniform requirements that come with his switch to high school.
Little cub is not so conservative, and realizes that as many of her friends head off to intermediate school, and the restrictions that life with a uniform brings that she is exempt. Before Christmas our wee dark blond cub planned red hair, and we promised it would be done before she starts school tomorrow. Today we did it, lightened her hair, then add red-corvette dye ... and got bright pink.
Bear is not sure what to say or do, like Toby he is uber conservative. When little cub was preschool and wished to wear fairy wings to town - bear didn't like it. I stood up for her and asked if you couldn't wear fairy wings when you were three years old when could you wear them? I feel the same about pink hair, if it isn't ok when you are ten, then when? Plus this way we hopefully get the whole experimental hair thing out of the way early, and avoid punk or worse when she is in her teens. I am in denial about tattoos and body art ... hair I can allow, the others not so much.
Yes there has been knitting, all the current projects are longer, but I thought you would rather see this.
Take care


Suzanne said...

Love the hair! Josie looks smashingly glam. She has a definite flair and sense of style that will add much to the richness of her life.

Did the book I had sent from England arrive safely?

Knitting Linguist said...

Love it! I feel the same way about hair - it's a great way to impermanently experiment. Tess dyed a purple streak into her hair last spring - her chosen reward for good grades. Please tell J from us that she looks awsome!

neurula said...

The hair looks FABULOUS Josie! I wish my hair was light enough to dye brilliant colours, I've secretly always wanted emerald green hair :)

Amy said...

Oh I luv the pink hair, how fun.