Saturday, January 05, 2013

Would the new owner of these socks please

let me know where to send them. Frances I'm looking directly at you, and the rest of this post is an open letter to you. I know they are not bubble socks, I really really wanted to supply you with a pair of your very own effervescent bubble filled socks, but this yarn just didn't want to be bubbles, it wanted to be something else and the yarn fought me all the way up half a foot. For a while there you fewer going to get boulder socks, not bubble socks, Eventually I gave in, and let the yarn speak have its way.
Of course I blame the yarn, it's handspun, so has a mind of its own. I know that clever spinners like you are totally the boss of the yarn you make, but I'm not quite there yet. As you will note, the socks are fraternal twins, and I simply can't keep them. Put bluntly they don't fit me, and require someone with delicate small and sensible feet like you. The fiber was a beatiful hand dyed 100grams of sock pencil roving, in grey green, grey, and a touch of mauve. I spun it fine, not as fine as you would have I'm sure but i'm me not you, then I plied and plied again to produce a four ply cabled yarn. I am rather pleased with how the colours sometimes lined up given the spin, ply and re-ply nature of making this sort of yarn.
The fibre was of course supplied by Morag of Vintage Purls, and should you fail to arrange shipment of your new socks ... I will have no recourse but to speak to Morag and see if I can have these secreted into the next shipment of contraband supplies that heads your way from casa Vintage Purl.
These socks are part of a larger master plan hatched by local Dunedin knitters to give you no reason or excuse to not move to Dunedin, with these you can't possibly get cold feet. I've even reinforced not only the heel flap but the heel cup with slipped stitches, all the better to cushion your feet and withstand wear and tear while you work at the lathe and bench.
I've left Yoyo guarding the socks, so they are safe, for now. Please bear in mind that Yoyo is old, elderly almost for a cat, she has been around for over over 15 years, and it would be mean to leave her on guard for too much longer wouldn't it? Spinning is at my house on Monday, and I'm not sure Yoyo is up to defending these socks from local spinners, some of whom have small, perfectly formed and functional feet like yours. However if you supply your postal address, I'm sure I can bag these up and have them sent away before the spinners arrive, thus saving wee Yoyo the duty of care Monday night.
And no, I'm not passive aggressive, why do you ask?
Na Stella


Suzanne said...

So that's how you get fellow artisans whom you admire greatly to move to cooler climes! Let me know if it works. I like the idea of Frances in Dunedin. Perhaps she has other ideas....

The socks are lovely, and I'm sure they will be appreciated, even sans bubbles, at any latitude.

Frances, I wear my bubble sock inspired shuttle often! Just love how it feels around my neck. It works very nicely for making lace as well.

Frances said...

Good gracious! For me? My feet are blessed indeed. Having an elderly cat of my own I can sympathise entirely with Yoyo's plight and I shall send you my address promptly so she doesn't have to wrestle with Morag and Ngaire.....

Knitting Linguist said...

Love it! Looks like it worked, too :)