Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I may have created a monster ....

Today, there is knitting, and knitting news, but mostly the post is about what I have been doing instead of knitting the past weekend. First up, I cast on a new project, not a new cardigan, but a hat. Saturday was knitters study group class and the 'study' was on cables that grew out of increases. I'm working Atle Beret by Elizabeth Lavold from March/April Piecework 2012. Little cub is working one to, hers will be a headband, mine a hat. She felt a headband would be more useful, and she probably is right.

Viking cable project
My yarn is handspun, blue with shades of warmer purples, a cabled yarn slightly Aran in weight. Beyond that I know nothing, I really should keep better yarn records - and thought I did.

Vintage pattern

Ages ago I bought this pattern, and little cub, Bear and I found fabric. I cut the pieces out and made a start, then lfe got busy(when is it not I ask?) and the mostly made dress hung around behind a bedroom door for weeks, months maybe. Last Sunday little cub had a playmate, elder cub had a rowing session, and I dug out the sewing machine, all the bits and pieces and settled in to finish the dress.

Monster ish

Here is little cub, proudly modeling the finished dress. After dropping her off at her playdate, Bear and I popped into town to buy suitable 'legs' for the dress, we thought brown. We found nothing in brown, fashion here seems dominated by black, grey, and pink. Bear did find the perfect orange.

Ladies have matching nails
We had a little fun once the dress was done, and worked on a manicure to match. Brown and orange with Mary quant style flowers on some nails. We even used vintage buttons to finish the belt.

A hat to finish things off

That was all well and good, but the next morning look what little cub emerged from her room with. She hastened to assure me she had not made it the night before when she should have been sleeping, but instead had set her alarm so she woke up early to finish it before breakfast. She has covered an Alice head band with ribbon and attached a felt flower from her craft kit.

I have the feeling that I may just be encouraging a monster. This is the same wee girl who complained that other people wore jeans and tee shirts to the Royal New Zealand Ballet, that they didn't dress up. She of course had her gold and black lurex dress, black and gold kitten heels, and a silver padded bomber jacket all bought second hand that morning for less than $10 at her insistence. The same girl who suggested many of her school mates really didn't take care when they dressed and just wore track pants to school not dresses. This girl is ten years old and already coordinates better than I do, and I suspect with more flare and drama. I might have created a monster, and I have no idea how she will handle the school uniform that is part of high school life in New Zealand.

Still - I can't help smile, and worry that perhaps maybe I am one of those mothers who dress their kids funny.

Take care - na Stella


Suzanne said...

I LOVE THAT DRESS! My mother made that for me when I was a kid and it's awesome. I think your kids are great and love their (and your) sense of style!

Knitting Linguist said...

I love it!! Good for her (and I must admit that I, too, have a "thing" about not dressing up for performances - theater, ballet, symphony - it just seems wrong somehow, so tell her I approve :) )! The dress is fabulous, and I love the accessorizing. I must share this with my younger (also an incipient fashion hound, although she doesn't have such a skilled mama to provide her with lovely dresses to accessorize).