Sunday, March 25, 2012

Public holiday

This post is quick, it is Otago Anniversary Day, Bear wants to head off to Central Otago for a little shopping. Some fruit, it is the fruit bowl of this area, some nosing around second hand shops and the like looking for pens and and interesting magazines. I said I'd blog quickly.

 Last night I was distracted by fibre, I sorted some that Sauerkraut had gifted me into a colour progression and made mini faux rolags using choptsticks. Was a lot of fun - I've threaded them in order on a length of yarn - the idea came from Spin off. 
 The Cardigan project is nearly done, but sadly I knit the first sleeve whilst the little cub was in bed sleeping so I prematurely cast off the first sleeve a tad short. No worries I'm knitting the second one, making sure it is longer than the first and then I'll frog the first. Just on a week of knitting - so a fast and fun project. The Hedgehog is fake, it is a shoe cleaner.
I finished spinning the blue with the loaned Aura wheel, and started to ply using my Majacraft Gem II, but discovered the aura bobbins hold so much more yarn than the standard Majacraft. So I've abandoned the plying and will seek to borrow another bobbin so I can ply the entire lot with the Aura. Review coming soon.

Take care
We should be having a lovely lunch in an Art Deco hotel if we time it right, Ranfurly is a small place but has a strong Art Deco theme to its architecture, and has an Art Deco weekend every year. This isn't it but we can still enjoy the luxury and grandeur of the style. Hope your day has a highlight as well.


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