Saturday, February 11, 2012


Sunday here, over the past few days there has been quite a bit of knitting time. My dad had cataract surgery on his right eye. As he lives alone I did the dutiful daughter thing and headed up to Waimate to take him to Timaru hospital, I stayed over to make sure he was ok and to take him to the post-opp clinic the day after. He is fine, grinning from ear to ear. One of the reasons he was so happy was the medical staff kept asking him what medication he was on and when he told them 'none' - they told him there were very few 70 year olds who were not on any meds at all. That made him feel all healthy and fit for his age - and gave me hope I might inherit the same health. He says there is no pain, he can now see clearly so has his depth perception back. Depth perception is very important to Dad, he found with he was unable to hit nails and rivets and weld things with only one working eye - mighty frustrating for a someone who lives to spend time with mechanical things in his workshop. Fixing vintage tractors, motorcyles, cars and rotary hoes for my Dad is sort of like knitting for me, we both have to be doing something, making something, busy with something. Being unable to work in his workshop because he couldn't see well enough really upset him. As a dutiful daughter I stayed with him overnight until I knew he was ok, I planned to read some papers I have to review (for work) and knit. The papers didn't get read as he preferred the  lights to be off making reading all but impossible so I knit instead.
 I did get quite a wee bit of knitting done, the foot, heel turn and part way up the leg of Teosinte . The pattern repeat in this is very intuitive, easy to pick up and put down. The heel was short rowed just like the toe, picking up double wraps as one works the second half of the heel. When I was knitting more of my socks with short row heels there was quite a bit of information on how to work the turns without getting any holes. 
 The  method used for the short row toe and heel in Teosinte is quite pretty, with almost a decorative braid formed by the double wraps up the diagonal from the heel to the instep. In this yarn - slightly more variegated than most of the Vintage Purls I have stashed - this works well and looks very pretty.  

The other project that has had some 'lap-time' is Deciduous. The lace repeat is only 4 rows, and the reverse ones are purled - so only really two pattern rows. The lace pattern is called Tiny Leaf - and right now I'm trusting the pattern as what I'm knitting isn't as 'formal' as the images on the pattern. I assume that once blocked my bumpy knitting will look like the tiny leaves of the finished photographed lace. Progress is fairly fast, but I know that as the rows get longer and longer each one will take longer and longer to work. I'm just done on repeat number 12 .... of twenty something, as some one once said "I might be a while".

Short post this week, I'm off to ring my Dad and check he has remembered to use his eye drops as instructed, three different ones four times a day for two weeks then a new regime. Dad probably doesn't need reminding but it makes me feel like a good daughter if I ring him.

Take care
na Stella

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