Saturday, September 17, 2011

FO and interuption to service

Today there is a Finished Object, a pair of socks, and a slight interruption to service. Our wireless died a week or so ago. We run Apples Timecapsule as our back up and wireless system and the Airport just died, no lights, no sound, no sign of life. Long story short is that we have had a week of no wireless, internet available on only one computer. I never thought I'd be miss technology but I did - mostly as the competition for the only internet-ed computer was stiff amongst the bears and cubs. Apple have been amazing and when they couldn't repair the Time-Machine they replaced it - which means a long back up session and using the ethernet cable to speed that up - and so no internet until that is done. I'll be back when it is done should be 24 hours or so with no technical glitches.

In the meanwhile - on Friday I finished Bears Socks, Revival in Bears Bunker, so I'm settling in to finish the other project on the needles - Tammy.

Take care
na Stella

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Knitting Linguist said...

I always find that I miss the internet so much more than I think I will when it goes out. There was a massive power outage (the entire county, all the way to the state line, and down into Mexico on the other side) last week for about twelve hours, and we kept thinking we could go online to find out what was happening, except - NOT.

The socks are wonderful - I bet Bear is loving them.