Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Turning corners

This post is all about turning corners, S had a bonny bouncy baby boy (bbbb!), which is a new direction in her life so the secret project the local knitters had tag-teamed on was handed over, Bear had an angiogram and an angioplasty .. so has turned another corner, while that was happening I sat in the hospital and waited for him to return from theater, to wake up and be healthy and pink again and turned the lace corner on my Shetland yarn blanket. Lastly Dave's Mechanical Pencil blog turned 5 .. which is a grand age for any one let alone a blog, and seems I am the lucky recipient of a birthday give away.

So there is the revealing of a completed project, the baby blanket, Sleepy Monkey blanket by Mary Ann Stephens. Morag dyed yarn for this based on Sharons yarn buying history ... and knit the Monkey side, I knit the donuts and steeked both sides, Ana knit the Border (twice as it is two thickness for much of it before joining into a garter stitch band), Jenni knit a monkey to match and Ngaire knit it some lederhosen with a Monkey motif. Karen made the most wonderful card .... and S .. well she made baby Thomas.

Then there is the lace boarder, which had to go around a corner. This isn't something I'd done before. Oh I'd mitred many a corner but never with lace. Sharon Miller in Heirloom knitting suggested just increasing the number of repeats upto and just after the corner .. which was what she said traditional lace knitters often did. Sounded good, so I worked the sideways lace edging with a w&t instead of a ssk every other row that ended at the blanket. ... It worked!
this is the corner I worked while Bear turned his own corner in the cardiac ward. Its now 5:40 pm and I'm off to pick him up at 6pm ... 10 years ago when he had his first stent this was overnight surgery .. now it is a day procedure. I feel like one of those 'old people' who say things about how amazing modern medicine is .. but it just is amazing what can be done now - the stent is medicated!

And lastly yesterday when I got home there was a package waiting for me, Sheaffer 'P' erasers, which are a perfect replacement for the eraser in a Parker 51 pencil. So I changed erasers, removing the 50 year old hard dry pink one .. except I removed the white eraser from the Sheaffer ring and inserted it into the original Parker 51 eraser ring. About then I checked my email and found I'd won a rather generous spending spree at Cult Pens .... Dave suggested I leave a comment on his blog along the lines of 'Who hoo', I wasn't sure I was a Whoo Hoo kinda blogger .. I thought I was more of a 'thank you nicely' kind of blogger, but the more I think about the potential of geeky pencil spending .. the more I understand the concept of Who Hoo.....

take care - we will be resting up here taking it easy ... and I'm off to get Bear, which is a good sign.
na Stella


dianthusgirl said...

The baby blanket is really wonderful, I just love the colours.
Enjoy the rest and take care.

KathyR said...

What a lovely baby blanket! I'm sure that S and her little son were so thrilled to receive it. Great work on your blanket corner, too. Your perseverance has really paid off. Glad to hear that Bear's procedure went well - I'm sure that he will be back to new in no time. Modern (today's, as opposed to even 10 year's ago) medicine has advanced so rapidly - it is wonderful what can now be achieved and how quickly people are able to recover.

Knitting Linguist said...

Oh, I'm so glad to hear the procedure went well - I hope the recovery is quick and easy! Give him our best wishes from California :)

The blanket is absolutely wonderful - what a lovely heirloom to give to a new baby (and mum)!