Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Balletomane !

There were so many suggestions for names for the ballet wrap design, I was completely in awe of the intelligent and clever suggestions.
Thank you ---every one who left a comment.
In the end ... Balletomane was the suggestion that I kept coming back to. It is the Italian word used to describe a fan of Ballet, which is perfect for every little dancer.
A huge thanks to l i n g g a n (no spaces) who suggested the name. I've been in touch and let her know (but I forgot to ask what her favorite colour was for the yarn).
I've finished the pattern, and uploaded it to Ravelry, for sale, you can follow the Ravelry link to look at the pattern details. I really tried to make the pattern as good as it could be, and I've loaded in lots of images of the process, for knitters to use as reference points, and lots of little instructions for the things that knitters might not have done before. This is an example of the kinds of photos I've included, this is one of three that show how to bead using a crochet hook. I was so impressed with Bears skills in documenting my knitting in action - he did really well.

I'm back at work, today was the first day, my 'desk' arrives next Monday, if you remember we are moving to a new building and were to be homeless for a month or so while they readied the place for us. First day back and I have had I had two meetings already, have an all day 'training and professional development' day tomorrow, and a Department meeting Friday afternoon ....followed by another follow up meeting Monday morning. And that is not counting the meetings I have to organize with the people teaching on things I coordinate. There is some odd sort of balance in having so many meetings just when I don't have a desk to return to. Students arrive in less than two weeks .. and just on the edge of things there is a hint of rising panic about things being ready. They will be ready .. we have moved something like 5 times in 8 years ... we are 'good' and practiced at this, all will be fine (or so I keep whispering to myself in quiet moments)
I'm not entirely sure about this 'back to work' caper ... it does get in the way of my knitting, I am sure that tonight after reading over info for tomorrow I will be sitting down to knit.

My last day of 'not-being-at-work' was lovely, it included a frilly tea party. I baked and used the linen basket liner to hold shortbread. Yes it was a frilly party ....so daisy shortbread with blue sugar seemed in order.

I also frogged the two projects that were languishing in the work basket. I had long ago stopped fooling myself that I wanted to knit them ... but it took until yesterday to frog them. I sat on the front stoop and frogged, I offered Yo-yo the remnants, but she is a lady and far to civilised to frollic with my left over yarns. Both yarns were fuzzy .. and no matter how carefully I tried I could not undo the cast on.

And I am still in the thows of finishing up, so dug out the huge garter blanket and started edging it with i-cord. So far so good, I worked around about one quarter of it, which made me feel warm and good. At the Monday spinners catchup, there were deliveries of the latest Vintage Purls sock yarn kit .. and it is lovely, more about that in the next post ... so that might just dictate what is next on the needles.

take care .. I'm off to plough thru those readings for tomorrow ... and then knit some just to relax.



Knitting Linguist said...

Another move? Wow, that's a lot to face at the beginning of term (we're moving next summer, I look forward to it with dread). I know what you mean about work eating into your knitting time - I hope all of your meetings go smoothly and well, and that you have a weekend full of knitting to look forward to :)

KathyR said...

Oooo, good name for the lovely ballet wrap! Lots of lovely photos, too. I'm sure it will be popular. It is really annoying how Other Things tend to get in the way of knitting. For me, though, this week my knitting is my No 1 Priority. It is taking precedence over everything else as I am knitting for a Deadline - an important (as in 3rd) birthday being celebrated on Saturday. I MUST finish by then! Getting there!

stephanie said...

I'm so tickled that my suggestion was chosen! It really is a stunning design, and the photos are indeed great. I think more than a few husbands have become experts in photographing knitwear, rather to their surprise... I know mine has.

Vanda Symon said...

Love the name - great suggestion!

Glad you enjoyed our frilly tea - your basket liner was perfect for the occasion, as was the shortbread!