Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today I

joined another knitting group, a work based one, small, apparently there are four knitters, only three were there today plus me - making a potential five. These knitters meet Wednesday lunchtimes, and knit in the staff room, they were happy to have me join them, and I was happy to be there. There was I'm happy to say more knit talk than work talk, and all were people I'd meet along the way at work but didn't know knitted, I guess they would say the same about me.

I took my sock with me, Embossed Leaves, its growing nicely. I am well past the heel and worked away the gusset while we all knitted and chatted, it was a very pleasant way to spend lunchtime and I hope my time table allows for many more sessions. I had the book the sock was from with me, 25 favorite socks from Interweave Knits, and it did the obligatory pass around the group. There was much discussion 'a whole book of socks!' I had forgotten there are some knitters who have not succumbed to socks yet. I am loving this pattern, it has become easy to remember and knit after only 3 repeats, and looks so pretty with the pale pink and raspberry yarn, a skein of Vintage Purls sock - a second methinks because it had no name.

The huge garter stitch blanket grows, slowly as only it can, on 12mm needles. I've been tracking my progress by ticking off squares as I work them, that helps me remember where I am and what square or corner I'm to knit next. It is the little things that keep me sane sometimes.

Except I've worked six squares not the four ticked off, and now it threatens to overflow the generous basket I found to contain it.

A few last knit things, the latest Vintage Purls sock club arrived - but I forgot to photograph it during daylight hours. Suffice to say that the pattern is clever, left and right feet, and the yarn yummy as always. I'll post photos next time - promise. My knitting elective students hand in tomorrow, I'm expecting a few wristers in both colour work and textures, a few scarves and wraps, a few hats, a lace vest knit in chunky yarn and large needles, jewelery knit in i-cord with rope from the hardware store, a pixie shaped hood started with an i-cord tail, a double layered openwork hat, an openwork mesh vest in black polyester chenille that is a whole lot more designery than my description suggests, a mini hot water bottle cozy that is soooo cute and a colourwork baby sweater with a collar and pockets all knit with no seams. It should be a fun exciting day ..... for me anyway, students always seem to stress over hand ins. I'd love to share the work with you .. but as it is marked and done for class I can't. Suffice to say I hope I have launched 18 new knitters into the world to make it a more colourful place.

Take care


Vintage Purls said...

Did you suggest the Wednesday lunch time knitters come along to Thursday night knitting? 'Cos, you know, that's where all the cool knitters hang out. ;)

KathyR said...

Loving the sock! I enjoyed knitting that pattern a few years ago - gave them to my daughter to wear when she went overseas. The blanket looks so warm and squishy - perfect for snuggling under on these nasty winter nights. Maybe you had better hurry and finish it so that you can do just that before winter is over! :)

Another class of your students and again they sound sooo creative - is it the water down there?

Knitting Linguist said...

It sounds to me like you have definitely launched these knitters - well done! And i love the way your socks are working up, that is one of my favorite patterns. Sounds like your new knitting group is a good one, i hope with you thatw your schedule permits plenty of meetings :)