Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Shush ..... but I forgot something

I'm almost scared to post progress pics of the Toby's Turkish socks, but its looking good so far. Of course I must remember that they looked good last time, but they didn't fit Looking good is no promise of success. And judging from the comments on yesterdays post - the knitting deities had fun with many of us, so I had good company down by the frog pond. Nevertheless it is looking promising, but I'm back for something else, in my last post I forgot something ... the latest installment of Vintage Purls Summer 2010 Sock club ..... which arrived last Thursday but was pushed aside, to deal with latter. Sock clubs are exciting, I love these, as left to my own devices I would buy sock yarn in the incredibly varied and wide ranging palette of blue, blue grey, grey and possibly duck egg blue, or pale teal, or other blue-grey soft colours. Sock clubs provide me with shots of colour that are outside my usual palete, and I love them.

They also provide candy .... which I (Ahem) may or may not still have in the house to share. And little knitting accessories ....that little package sitting on the lower edge of the pattern....

A grafting badge! Apparently there was a small selection of badges - your model may differ. And a wee teeny tiny sheep all ready to attach to something .... if only I could decide. While the kit has been sitting waiting for me to put it away with the rest of the sock yarn in my stash, the badge very quickly made its way to Owls, and has lived on whatever I've been wearing every since.

Just look at that green, in real life it is every bit as green, and lime and bright as it is here, don't adjust your monitor, but you may need shades if you plan to admire it for even a short time. Imagine how fresh and light ones feet would feel encased in socks made from this?

And the Turkish sock, the one I have made what feels like 116 attempts to knit? Well .. the chart may well have been the trick, the sole is working out well. This pattern was in AZ's Magnificent Mittens book, but I've also seen it called Chipmans Check in the Robin Hansen's Favorite Mittens book. This a neat little pattern that I've seen Kelly B knit, and she raves about it. Now I know why, it has a simple rhythm and looks far more complex than it is.

There are now 8 sitting dogs on the instep, and it no longer a case of when I finish this round but instead wait until I finish another pair of dogs.

Na Stella


Unknown said...

love that badge! oh and of course all the lollies. Must get myself an EZ book........ I'm sure toby will be very warm but then again you need to be in Dunedin! We camped at Whare Flat in March for a family wedding & froze!!

Knitting Linguist said...

I just got my sock club package, too! I absolutely adore this colorway, and had to restrain myself bodily (imagine how that must have looked) from winding up and casting on right away. Soon, soon... :)

T's Turkish socks are looking great -- I love those little dogs. I think I'd better not let the girls see them, or I'll be knitting pairs of dogs, too.

KathyR said...

Very cute green yarn, rather Spring-like, in fact! The socks are coming on so well - I love the shading of the colours. I bet Toby is all the while urging you to hurry up and reminding you that the evenings are getting rather cool.