Sunday, November 22, 2009


Excuse me but I'm bragging - here is a link to the show photos of Saturdays show.
'my students' - well I share them with M, R, C and JH .. are the graduates,
so their work is on show in Part I and Part II - and there was a even a little big knitting!
check out the knitting in part I
Jeannie Macdonald's collection - Knitted Asphyxiation

Brigid Steeper' - Hidden Absurdities

Oh - and Anna Holmes-Libbis's collection entitled 'Wham Glam and the Thankyou Mams' was costume for a local glam-rocker - Dr Glam who also moonlights as a lecturer in the Music dept of Otago University.

Others students work on show as well - Year 1 and year 2 (still waiting for photos to be posted)
All students working on their 3 year degree in Design(Fashion)

ok ... back of to work
sorry for bragging


KathyR said...

So you should brag! Wow, some of these guys are really GOOD!

Knitting Linguist said...

Don't apologize! You have every reason to brag :)