Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This week I'm all a dither ... neither sure or confident in what I'm doing with my knitting projects. Oh there is still fun, and two new things, but the new starts are all part of the dither ....

One solution is to talk it over, out loud and explain it all, and in doing that I might see the direction or solutions. First I've dithered and stalled on my Hemlock ring blanket, two things have stopped me. First the yarn is fuzzy and I've begun to see that it won't show the pattern clearly - and so I ask myself what is the point of working a pattern if it can't be seen? And then I answer myself - blocking, it will hold the the holes open and the pattern will emerge, I tell myself lace looks like nothing much until its blocked. Second - the rounds are getting longer and l-o-n-g-e-r and l--o--n--g--e--r. And they are only going to get longer, methinks I should just buckle down and decide to knit nothing else until it is done, for truly it is past the half way point which is the point of no return.

I've started Frankensocks, in dark charcoal sock yarn, Bears Bunker from Vintage Purls, and on dpns -- because a sock named Frankensock deservies to be knit on old fashioned pointy sticks. And now I'm dithering, why? ... because the pattern is in a gauge that I don't knit socks at, 7.5 spi, and offers five (5!) different sizes. Usually I knit socks at 9spi, (or 8.5 spi at a pinch) and I just knit the size the pattern is written in and it fits! Always.
So there has been some head banging as I tried to work out some easy middle ground between the size feet I have and the gauge I want to knit at and one of the sets of numbers already calculated in the pattern. I cast on 64 stitches .. and have worked the rib ... and it does go over my foot and up my calf .. but I worry it is perhaps too tight, too snug? The pattern will look to stretched. So rather than make a decision .. I've tucked it away in a bag and left it to stew a little, while I decide to frog .. for frog I will, I know I will, I just haven't decided to yet.

For open day - I wanted to take a magic loop project, as a demo, one for knitters to practice on at the magic loop classes. I know magic loop behaves better once there is a few inches of knitting to tame the bendy needles .. so I cast on for a second pair of Mojo and worked a toe. After Open day I frogged back all the knitting done by others, mostly as it wasn't in Mojo pattern, and have kept this as my 'go-to' project. This Mojo is in plain green Patons Kroy Socks 4 Ply from my stash. I've modified the toe in two ways, first based on one I knit a long time ago, Deb Barnhills Back to Basics Sock where the increases go outside of the markers.

The second modification was a new-to-me cast on. I was lent a copy of Nordic Knitting Seven Miraculous Techniques by a work friend, and it is a stunningly interesting book - full of unexpected and stylish ideas and techniques - all in Japanese but with very clear photos and drawings. I just had to try the mobius crochet cast on .. on this toe .. and ended up with a little plait across the toe. I don't think Bear will mind.

The colour blocked roving I hackled is now yarn, a sport weight yarn, some 60+m of it. I'm not sure how far it will go .. but something for Poppy .. as soon as I stop dithering and decide what. Not wristers for the stripes won't match .. or maybe that won't matter, and not a hat, because there won't be enough .. or will there? Or something else ... but what?

During the week I also sorted out 15g of the 800 grams of fiber that I won, and have spun a little test skein in 3 ply, 5g per ply. I like it, and plan to spin the rest up .. this will be my 'at-home' spinnign project.

This week my dithering has resulted in me spinning more than knitting .. but I do need to sort out what I'm doing, why and porbably just get on with it ....

don't I?

take care
na Stella


Suzanne said...

The upheaval must be a byproduct of the equinox, in either hemisphere. I, too, have been in a terrible creative and indecisive crisis. At least you have something to show for it, other than bitten fingernails! All will become clear soon... I hope.

KathyR said...

I feel your pain with the blanket - I am working on something that has grown (not as large as a blanket, fortunately) and will stay at this stage for seemingly ages before it reduces again. They yarn that you hackled looks really nice and colourful - just right for a little girl. Have you thought of a panta, a headband? A couple of links (the link to the pattern for the first is on the page if you look) - http://yarnenvyfo.blogspot.com/2005/12/panta-headband.html and http://www.garnstudio.com/lang/en/visoppskrift.php?d_nr=86&d_id=10&lang=us

The weather here lately has been perfect for spinning. We needed the rain, but the hail and the cold temps after all the warmth we'd been having???

Knitting Linguist said...

Sometimes dithering is an important part of the design process (and if it means more of that gorgeous spinning, it can't all be bad, right?). I'd love to see how Hemlock is looking; my guess is that you're right, and blocking will make a huge difference. I think the stripey yarn could make fun wristers (not sure that kids care if the stripes match? I'm pretty sure mine don't), or leggings? Is there enough? Otherwise, would she wear a long skinny scarf?