Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sneaky FO!

You didn't know I was knitting this, I didn't know until Monday night I was knitting this, and C defiantly didn't know I was knitting these let alone I was knitting these for her.
Today - one more swatch mitt makes a pair of Owlet Mitts, and a distraction.
Way back in the middle of January I swatched for my Owl mitt, and swatching in the round 'as-you-do'. I tried the mitt on my arm 'as-you-do', to see if the 40 or so stitches were the right number for a sleeve and discovered the Owl swatch made a pretty good mitt, or wristlet. I blogged it, it was cute, and Ravelry'd it, got a request from C for the 'pattern', responded and went on to knit my Owl cardigan. Tidying up I found my swatch and the pattern I had written out for C ... and thought of how she only ever seemed to have one mitt on. C joked she couldn't knit the second mitt - ever - I don't remember if it was sms (second mitt syndrome) or some other reason, probably in truth C is easily distracted just like me.

... so I hatched a plan, Monday I knit the second swatch mitt, and tested my pattern. Tuesday morning I washed and blocked them .. Tuesday night I gifted them on the condition photos were sent to me for blog and ravelry reasons. Look at this, such beautiful images and even the Owl and the Pussy cat! Harley is his name .. I've never meet Harley and some how I imagined more whiskers ( a sort of a rough biker cat) but no, he is sleek and elegant - I'm sorry Harls.

And as I said I've been distracted, by making labels, for bags, I've been collecting fun fabric for more project bags, and over the weekend relaxed on Sunday by cutting out and fusing pieces for 22 more bags and making these ... Knitknitfrog labels and fabric & manufacture labels. Not made in NZ (the fabric has to be imported) but sewn in New Zealand, Such fun - you know - picking the font and the colours, small things - small minds

Ok - I'll admit it, not much happened knitwise since the last post
so I'm going to go off and knit some
na Stella


Anonymous said...

Sewn in NZ but also designed in NZ too.
Your labels are tre excellent!
And such beautiful mitts!!!!! I LOVE them!!!!!!! They bring me joy :)

Knitting Linguist said...

I love your labels!! The frogs in particular are nice :) And those mitts are darling. I may have to make some for the girls -- are you posting the pattern on Ravelry?