Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Look another group knits in Dunedin!

That is right another group of social knitters out and about in Dunedin, stalking the night with yarn and knitting pins! Here is Shelley Tiplady, Claire Johnston and Hugh MacMurray, busy knitting away. This news made it to page 4 of the local daily paper ... which means knitting is officially newsworthy in Dunedin, or it was a very slow news day. But I must remember that this is also the newspaper that often lists womens ages next to their photos, even when its not about them being 5 and going to school or turning 100, or being the youngest to do whatever. I thank whichever editor was in charge that they didn't do that this time. The AlBar knitters - well they have wine, which sounds pretty good to me, we tried a-knitting in bars a few times last year but the light was way to dim to work well for us, maybe the Albar is brighter?

The whole article is here. Don't you love how the reporter states with a certain authority that the knitting revolution is about to spread ....? Revolution? Spread? About? Where?
P l e a s e ....... didn't their research turn up Ravelry and the Kiwi crafting thread? Isn't there at least one knitter or crocheter in the newspapers office? Apparently not, which is really really sad :-(

and then the suggestion that this is the 'latest craze' taking hold in Dunedin ... oh my, I'm not quite sure how to handle this ... I'm just so sorry for the reporter that there is no knitting in their life, none at all ....

I thought the modern knitter was more of a matter of fact knitter not really revolutionary, a knit anywhere type of person, who knit subversively when able, but mostly knit for the fun and pleasure of it. I guess I've been hanging about with knitters to long, so I don't see it as revolutionary ... or about to happen, or even newsworthy .....
Take care, keep knitting, try knitting wherever the need strikes ... maybe even in a bar, if the light is good or you don't need light?


Beverley said...

Yes well, !!I must admit to some frustration when they talk about the "latest craze" something I and friends have been doing for years.

I get frustrated with some knitters as well when they behave as if "they" have invented something that I have know for years. But then Elizabeth Z did say "uninvented"

By the way I have been trying to get my blog back up and moving. I owe you some yarn, which I have managed to find again. Drop me a line with your postal address and I will get it to you.

Cheers and knit on


CraftyGryphon said...

I'm guessing the reporter hasn't got anyone - anyone at all! - in his/her entire family that knits, so it's all an Amazing New World that's been rediscovered.

My mother has the best retort for "Oh, knitting. Did you take that up when you retired?"

"Oh no," she replies, with her very best sweet smile. "When I was six years old. Now tell me, dear, why do you think I'm retired?"

(My mother is dangerous.)

Knitting Linguist said...

You've got to send them a letter pointing out Ravelry, at the very least. Of course, I do often feel like a loan knitting voice crying out in the wilderness, as I am so often the only one around me doing it, and I get so many comments and looks! I'm trying to spread the viral love, though :)

Erika said...

Of course that crew can knit in the gloom of a bar (and maybe drunk too)--look at the size of those needles!

KathyR said...

As Erika said but adding that they have younger eyes, too! I saw this article mentioned in the latest Creative Fibre newsletter. Hmmm, latest craze...I think that anything that reporters see being carried out that they are not familiar with gets translated into a "craze". Sad, but at least it made the news!

Diantee said...

That's right at least it was in the newspaper. I find that there is a lot of ignorance about knitting out there even though a lot of us learnt from family members. Also it is regarded as something funny to be doing in this day and age. Have a bit of that in my own family! What can we do about this?