Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Look - some knitting!

See I have been knitting, only a little but it is knitting. I've started the shrug, and I'm still filling bobbins for my learn to spin home work. I want to have lots to practice plying with, and I know how quick plying can be. It is a quick post today, I've got a spinning buddy coming round tonight, so will loose my computer evening to fiber things.

But first some knitting, I've cast on for the shrug. Now I am basing on Wendy Bernard's Girl Friend Shrug, with a minor modification as I don't think I have enough yarn. I'm narrowing the shoulder section to half the width, and at each end putting in a raglan style increase to make it wide enough for the sleeves. It should work. I've used a crochet provisional cast on, in crochet cotton, and have started the increases for the sleeve right away. Once I know how long the increase section is I can work out how long to make the middle of the shoulder section before putting a second increase section at the other end. You can see my little planning diagrams. This is yarn I spun and dyed, my first into a real sweater type garment, its all slightly unreal, I keep being amazed that I did spin this yarn - until of course I meet a thicker or looser bit and then I know I spun this yarn.

And spinning, I now have two bobbins of 'in the grease singles full', and another nearly done. Plus I have some combed top in a lovely creamy beige on the 'other' wheel. All going well I should go to Saturdays class with 2 sets of two bobbins full to ply the usual way, and another 2 or 3 part full to practice Navajo plying. I've repeatedly tried and failed at that one, so I'm keen to practice and learn the secrets to coordinating the hand, loop, feet, drawing it on thing.

I've also got a 3rd wheel, in the house, but we have send away some of her little bits, the whorls to the fixed (they were chipped) and the bobbins to have more made the same. She is absolutely beautiful, a double drive Pipy. Mr Poore her original maker is still around, apparently now in his 80's but able to make the extra bits, which is really neat. Her vanish also needs a spruce up with linseed oil. She is beautiful (did I say that already?), but posting a photo of her now seems a little like posting photos of her in her undies or not at her best, so I will wait until she is tidied up.

Take care (told you it was a short post)


Knitting Linguist said...

Wow! Knitting a shrug out of your very own homespun -- what a thrill. I love that color, too. I also can't wait to hear how the plying lesson goes; I'm looking forward to having somewhere close by that offers spinning lessons so I can stop feeling quite so much like I'm winging this whole spinning thing. :) Enjoy your evening!

cathy said...

Hi, I bumped into the post about your vintage wheels over on Ravelry, found you here, and it's fascinating. The spinning class sounds great. I once had a chance to try spinning in the grease for a minute or two, but I really didn't know how to spin yet at the time. Fun anyway, though!