Sunday, October 21, 2007

we interupt the regular programming to bring the following announcement

Bear insisted I draw the 'randomly selected official 10,000th visitor from those who had left comments today. The visitor count had climbed to 10,112, well past the 10,050 cut off.
Following strict protocol, all names of those commenting recently were written on small slips of paper, these were folded, and placed in Poppy's crochet hat. Bear drew one name out and the official 'randomly selected 'ten thousandth visitor to knitknitfrog is Sarah, so I've left Sarah a note, and I've got 2 skeins of yarn and 2 stitch markers to send.
This is turning into a regular awards speech, but thanks to all the visitors, - who stop by and see what I'm doing, and sometimes pause to leave a note, much appreciated :-D

Regular full service with resume shortly, with photographs & knitting


Sarah said...

I've sent you an email, but I think in my excitement, I actually forgot the two most important words...Thank You! It seems odd to get presents for visiting a blog I enjoy, but I'll take it:)

Knitting Linguist said...

Hi! Thanks for sending your thoughts -- it really helps! I've just finished the first sleeve on Kauni; I find I can't really concentrate on much of anything else (so much for the grading I should be doing!), so I think I'll cast on for the other one before I go to bed :) The coyote finally headed out, going west. I'm hoping she's made it. But I'm still keeping the cats in :)