Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Blogging - the behind the blog work

Yes I have been behind the scenes blogging, or rather tweaking things, mostly the side bar of my blog. A little more pink, a little more lower case. And I've renamed the blog knit- knit - frog, as that pretty much describes how I knit at times. I do like to get things right. I have grown into a perfectionist, where I once just wanted to finish things and wear them. Thats the transition for teenager to adult I think.

So whats changed/ some new links, to Guido's podcast, and to his pal Grumperina, some colour changes, and Yes , what I have been wanting for ages and waiting for, drum roll please, ....

ta da (I did have a wee glitch, but fixed it with the help of Nerissa from Knitters Review), I admit to being a complete html code newbie or bunny, but want to learn.

a WIP or Whats on my needles section, complete with teeny-tiny images. Not sure if I did that the most elegant html code way. I feel so smug and pleased that I worked it out and got it into the code. and didn't break it. I had posted on Knitters review to see what suggestions the knitting geek code guru's have. After I completed my version of the progress images, i checked back into knittersreview, and found that Nerissa had posted a link to Indigirls how to,

Bohus update with photos of the last of the Bohus Blue shimmer colour work next weekend, I promise.

GF Shrug, just a quick update photo of GF shrug. Shrug seems a little bumpy, which I am assuming is the result of knitting with yarn that has previously been knit, even if it was only knit for a day or two. you can see how much further I had knit up before she was frogged, by how much yarn is wound back around the ball. Must admit this looser gauge is not quite to my liking, I do prefer a 'firmer fabric'. A very dull day here, with a dark grey sky, so even though this photo was made by a window at 3pm it is very dull and dark. The good side of that is tonight we will curl up in a cosy lounge with a fire. Bear has to work, so once I run around and put kids to bed, wash up alone and generally tidy up ready for tomorrow, I will be sooo ready for kniting.

My dress dummy returned tonight, Yes little Miss Purfex has been visiting. I lent to to a visiting designer at dfi, Darlene who is from Canada, and she has such a cool accent. Darlene must have been on the outreach programme, as she is not listed as one of the incubated designers, Darlene wanted to pay me for the loan of the dummy, but how much do you charge to rent a dress form for 6 months? I had no idea, Darlene thanked me by leaving this beautiful fabric all rust and gold, fabulus - now shirt or wrap? There is just on 2.5m, at 115 cm wide, maybe even a dress? This term I am teaching a class to drape, so mmmmm.....yummy thoughts.

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Liz said...

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. You have so much pretty stuff to look at here! My vote for the fabric is a little sundress. And I love the Bohus Blue Shimmer, that is by far my favorite Bohus pattern. I can't wait to see how it turns out!